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Become a Fibo expert with e-learning.

With step-by-step videos, followed by qualification questions, you now have easy access to online training on your desktop or mobile browser, when you want to install Fibo wall panels.


Five times faster than Tiles

Install directly on existing walls. Fibo wall panels can be installed on various types of existing walls, as well as directly on steel or wooden studs. You don’t need to worry about a moisture barrier when you install our wall panels. The panels have an integral membrane in the surface that makes the surface 100% waterproof. The panels are also perfect for installing just in your shower/bathtub area, it cannot get easier!

8 reasons to make the smarter choice

Fibo outperforms tiles on key parameters

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Shorter installation time
  • Lower fitting cost
  • Shorter down time
  • No plaster board required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Installation training
  • 15 year warranty
Quick and easy fittings
Simple to work with
Budget friendly
Easy to cut
No grouting
Low maintenance
Water proof
Warm to the touch

Fibo makes a contractor’s work easier

All contractors can install Fibo. Our easy-to-understand Installation Guide
gives you the answers to all your answers.

You will need the following tools:



Fine-toothed saw, circular saw or plunge saw

Ruler and pencil

Drill, hole saw and jigsaw to make any holes needed in the panels

Spirit level and laser level

You will also need:

Fibo Mounting Screws with Bits 0.12 x 1.38 inch

Fibo Seal

Fibo Profiles

Fibo Wipes

Fibo sealing tool

Fibo Clean


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Need Help Getting Started?

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Online training

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