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We want to take low emissions to the higher level

We know that responsible and sustainable development makes good business sense. We carefully select suppliers that comply with our strict recycling requirements at all stages. Our commitment to sustainability is our ambition in everything we do.

Eco-Friendly wall systems

Our eco-friendly wall systems are made from PEFC-certified wood. Fibo have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from 2014. The EPD is based on the principles and rules contained in the international ISO 14025 standard, which ensures worldwide acceptance. In 2016, we invested in a new production line, developed to make a major reduction in our environmental impact.

Carbon dioxide emissions

At Fibo, we’re committed to producing products with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. We’ve made a pledge to minimize our environmental impact throughout the value chain, and this involves continually working to reduce our emissions and our energy use. In 2017, we completed a major remodeling and upgrade of our manufacturing equipment that will give an energy saving of 50%. We are also improving logistics at our facility in order to drastically cut down material transportation. At Fibo, we constantly work with both big-picture and detail-oriented perspectives in order to improve our processes and minimize our environmental impact.

New Step in the Right Direction

In 2016, we took things to the next level and invested NOK 140 million in a new production line designed to give a 50% reduction in our environmental impact. Our success factors include a strong focus on innovation, state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment, LEAN as an operations strategy, and the highly skilled employees in our manufacturing, sales and after-sales departments.

This explains why our products are now just as popular as traditional ceramic tiles in Norway. Everyone at Fibo constantly works to ensure more efficient use of the Earth’s resources. We use our knowledge base and our innovative strength to find new resource-conserving and sustainable solutions.

Environmental product declaration

Fibo received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in 2014. An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that gives consumers comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of different products. The EPD is based on the principles and rules contained in the international ISO 14025 standard, which ensures worldwide acceptance. Fibo’s EPD can also be used by building consultants when new buildings are applying for BREEAM certification.

BREEAM Credits

BREEAM.SE is a certification program for new construction or remodeling projects. Certification is based on a rating system where ten aspects are awarded credits based on their performance in different areas, including low impact in design and reduced emissions, sustainability and resilience, adaptation to climate changes, ecological value and protection of biodiversity.


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